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Hey everyone – heading into 2017, we wanted to highlight a few changes coming your way!

Customer Support:

For most of 2016, two people juggled every single aspect of Limited Run. With the sheer amount of things that needed to get done, it was hard to provide quick and useful customer service. Here’s what we’re doing to make this better:

• In 2017 we expect to have two full-time customer support reps!
• We have a new ticket system at

These two changes will mean faster and more meaningful interactions with customer support. We want to take care of our fans!


Expect consistent fulfillment speeds in 2017.  We’re taking steps to ensure that every order is fulfilled in at least 10 business days. The aim is to be much quicker, but sometimes when we hit bigger runs we may still take the two weeks.

• A dedicated shipping manager has been hired to speed up the shipping process. Expect faster fulfillment, and notably, quicker international delivery.
• Orders with two or more games (of which one is a PS4 game) will now ship in a box by default. The shipping box price will be reduced from $3.99 to $1.99 for any orders that do not meet the requirements for box shipping.
• Combining orders will now be possible. To reduce the strain on our customer service and to incentivize people to still try and make singular orders, a small fee will still be charged to combine orders. Even considering the fee, this will be drastically lower than paying shipping twice for both domestic and international customers.
• We’re working on a system to allow customers to hold and combine shipments across multiple runs. This is not implemented yet, but will roll out soon!

Customer Loyalty:

In January we will roll out a customer loyalty program that will reward you the more you purchase from us. Each game purchase will earn a ticket that can later be redeemed for exclusive rewards. More details on this soon!

If you’ve stopped supporting us due to a problem with customer support or shipping – please consider giving us another shot in 2017. We’re taking huge steps to solve the past issues we’ve encountered and the mistakes we’ve made.

Thank you to everyone for a successful 2016 – here’s to an even more successful 2017!
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