USA - Ein Hölle für Kinder flat
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Datum:14.09.23 16:54
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Ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht raus, man lernt immer wieder dazu, hier meine Lowlights...

Children in the US can be legally married in 41 states, physically punished by school administrators in 47 states, sentenced to life without parole in 22 states, and work in hazardous agriculture conditions in all 50 states.

Direkt im ersten Absatz. Lebenslange Haftstrafe ohne Bewährung für Kinder?!

But the report states that in the U.S., more than a quarter of a million children were married off between the years 2000 and 2018, and some of them were girls as young as 10. Most of these child marriages were between underage girls and adult men.

Ohne Worte.

Nearly 50 percent of American children experience corporal punishment—child abuse—at home, and it’s perfectly legal, so long as those children aren’t seriously injured.

Ohne Worte.

To be clear, corporal punishment is a euphemism for “adult assaulting a child”

Die müssen das in dem Artikel nochmal explizizt erklären. Die kennen ihre Leserschaft...

In agriculture, a 12-year-old may work full-time, and a child of any age may work on a farm part-time. (...)
Pre-teens and kids as young as 7 have been found laboring on farms.

Ah, da kommt wohl auch das Wirtschaftswachstum und die hohe Beschäftigungsquote her.


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