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Autor: ChRoM
Datum:11.12.21 22:22
Antwort auf:Mega 65 (C65 Nachbau) Spendenaktion von PaulBearer

Due to the current situation it is impossible for us to send out any MEGA65s in December. We are holding our breath for March. Please bear with us!

tl;dr version:
We have been fighting shortage of electronic components for months and mostly succeeded.  But now, last minute, seemingly trivial things like cardboard for your lovely printed boxes are unavailable! We most probably cannot ship before March 2022 and are truly sorry for this. The good news: We will then be able to ship larger quantities at once which means you might face close to or no delay at all. We will keep you updated and continue doing what we all, you - the community and the MEGA65 team, believe in.


Bummer, aber nach all den Jahren des Wartens sind die drei Monate mehr jetzt auch nix mehr. Ich hab schon den Oculus-Rift-Launch mitgemacht, mich kann nix erschüttern.

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