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Autor: Upchiller
Datum:27.05.21 17:41
Antwort auf:Bitcoin's Energy Crisis: Fact or fiction? von Orochi

Gude :)

das ist doch nicht zu Ende gedacht... Ich c&p einfach mal den Kommentar der die Idee des "ach die Energie ist doch eh da"  in der Pfeife raucht und der zeigt das BTC Mining mit kostenloser Energie indirekt die Optionen zur Reduktion der Kohlenstoffdioxid-Emissionen torpediert.

"Good argument though it is still flawed. The example of Iceland and Sichuan cases of curtailment assumes that the creation of cryptocurrency is the only possible and valuable product that can come from curtailment (where price of energy drops below 0).

If the price of energy is maintained at 0c due to mining instead of being allowed to go negative (curtailment event), you are in fact DISINCENTIVZING other high energy forms of production such as aluminum production, energy storage (load shifting), syn-fuels, hydrogen production which are all useful products that would support carbon reduction that requires negative pricing to work. Those products cannot be created as long as mining prevents the cost of energy from going negative."

Und der allerletzte Satz aus dem Video ist übelst überheblich....

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