Elon Musks Not-A-Flamethrower-Rohrkrepierer... flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:20.01.21 10:56
Antwort auf:Was ich noch sagen wollte #255 von Cerberus

Wir hatten es ja vor einiger Zeit davon:


Jetzt ist es amtlich, dass das Ding eine extrem dumme Idee war:

"More than 1,000 flamethrower purchasers abroad have had their devices confiscated by customs officers or local police, with many facing fines and weapons charges. In the U.S., the flamethrowers have been implicated in at least one local and one federal criminal investigation. There have also been at least three occasions in which the Boring Company devices have been featured in weapons hauls seized from suspected drug dealers.

The upshot: What Musk and his army of fans thought was just another of his money-spinning larks is having real-world consequences for people and countries not in on the joke."


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