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Datum:08.12.20 12:01
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Das für das kritische Paper verantwortliche Google-Team geht an die Öffentlichkeit:

Google employees who worked with Timnit Gebru are coming out publicly to dispute claims against the star AI ethics researcher. On Monday, the team published a letter on the Google Walkout Medium account firmly stating that Gebru was fired and did not resign as Google’s head of artificial intelligence, Jeff Dean, said. They also said the publication review policy that Gebru was supposed to follow was applied “unevenly and discriminatorily.”

“Dr. Gebru’s dismissal has been framed as a resignation, but in Dr. Gebru’s own words, she did not resign,” the letter says. It notes that Gebru asked for certain conditions to be met in order for her to stay at Google, including transparency around who wanted her paper retracted. Ultimately, the leaders of the ethical AI team said they could not meet these conditions and preemptively accepted her resignation. Her own manager said he was “stunned.”

The paper that got Gebru fired detailed potential risks associated with large language processing models. (...) This research could have been problematic for Google.


Es wird immer spannender. :)

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