VanMoof S3 / X3 mit Problemen!? flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:17.09.20 02:07
Antwort auf:Der Fahrrad Thread Nr. 2 - Muskelkraft oder Batterie? von Steppenwolf

Klingt so als sei VanMoof der Erfolg über den Kopf gewachsen:

„Amplified sales have been mirrored by amplified complaints, however. Support forums like VanMoof-ing (which the company and founders monitor closely) are rife with unhappy customers. The most vocal are those still waiting for their bikes to arrive, suffering missed deadlines by several weeks at a time, yet receiving little to no communication from the company. (...)

To make matters worse, some VanMoof owners who have received their new e-bikes complain about scuffs and damage that occurred during shipping. Others complain about wobbly wheels, hydraulic brakes that make noise or don’t work, or a wide range of cryptic error codes that flash on their disabled bike’s display. It’s also not unusual to be on hold for 20 minutes, 40, or longer when trying to call VanMoof support.“

Mehr Infos:

Betrifft das nur den US-Markt oder kann das einer der S3- bzw. X3-Besitzer hier bestätigen? Wäre ja schade.

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