McGregor - Diaz II @ UFC 200 flat
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Datum:31.03.16 09:47
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Aldo - Edgar um den Interimstitel im FW.


Was für ein Blödsinn. Da wünsche ich Conor geradezu eine erneute Niederlage und danach gleich noch den Titelverlust gegen Aldo oder Edgar.


Guter Kommentar von Nate:

“Nobody gets a rematch, and all of a sudden, this guy’s getting a rematch,” Diaz said. “They’re like, ‘We need this to happen and everybody wants this to happen.’ I’m like, ‘Or do you guys want this to happen, because you guys need a re-do?’

“In times of war, you wouldn’t even be here for this to be taking place, because the reality of it is, (expletive), you got taken out. I think the whole rematch thing is cool, because they want to do it, and it’s worth the money and everybody wants to see a big money fight, but I’m just thinking it’s (expletive) up, because I’ve lost a lot of funny decisions in my career, and I know I could beat anybody I lost to, and I never got a rematch. This guy’s getting babied.”

In the buildup to the first fight, Diaz wasn’t shy about calling out McGregor as the UFC’s favored son and said he would expose the Irish champ.

“He’s getting all this damn credit for going up two weight classes, but let’s not forget that I was not doing (expletive),” Diaz said. “And they came in, and not only him, but the UFC, they plotted on me together and tried to take me out, and it all blew up in their faces. So here we are today, and that’s why there’s a rematch.”


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