Neue FW für den CX im Anmarsch flat
Autor: Kilik2001
Datum:19.12.20 18:01
Antwort auf:4K-TV 24 - We have to see, we have to know... von generyx

Deutliche Verbesserungen bei Dolby-Vision Inhalten:
(Wusste gar nicht, dass der da solch massive Probleme hatte)

"I installed the Korean firmware yesterday afternoon. I waited till the evening to do some testing with streamed content that I have had issues with. My set was calibrated a little over a month ago by one of the well known calibrators on here. The calibration had helped with a lot of these issues but did not really "fix" them. I used both the internal and ATV4K Netflix apps plus Disney +, Apple +, Prime, HBO Max and iTunes Movies on the ATV4K. I'll give some examples. The infamous banding scene in Marco Polo was very noticeable prior to calibration, much better afterward and is improved yet again. Can still see just a very slight bit but only if I look intently. Episode 10 of Cursed on Netflix had all kinds of issues starting at about the 41 minute mark. There is a long two-part scene where a knight fights the Trinity Guard. It is at night with campfires in the background but very dark. Everyone has a cape and there were all kinds of artifacts with the capes and the edges of the frame. The capes would look like animated dark gray blobs with no detail at all while the edges had a kind of floating black crawl. The calibration improved it slightly but now it is gone completely. You can see folds in the capes that were not there before and everything is black instead of gray. The floating stuff on the edges is gone too. I spent about four hours looking at various scenes from all the mentioned apps. Pretty much all the scenes from various shows that have been mentioned on this thread. The firmware definitely cleaned up all the Dolby Vision issues I had with streamed content and improved blacks across the board no matter the content. It also cleaned up The Mandolorian a great deal even aside from blacks. It's not the best filmed show but looks much better now. John Wick through Apple Movies looks fantastic now. Episode 4 of Lovercraft Country on HBO Max is my go to for SDR artifacts. There is a long scene where the characters are crossing through tunnels that was artifact city. Every type of artifact you can think of all in one long scene. I would say the update cleaned this up so it is about half as bad as it was. I would attribute most of this to HBO Max's crap stream quality. I'm very impressed so far. Later tonight I'm going to try out some 4K discs through my Oppo BDP-203. I will also play some on the PS5 but I never really noticed any issues beforehand."

Einige Berichten auch, dass eARC stabiler funktioniert, ohne ständige Dropouts etc:

"Installed the Korean firmware and I haven't had a single Atmos eARC dropout from Xbox Series X yet this morning. Before it would drop completely 1-2 times per hour and require either going into the Xbox settings menu or input cycling on the SN11RG sound bar. This was by far my biggest complaint/issue. Happy holidays y'all"

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