China: Inlandstourismus ÜBER Level der Vor-Corona-Zeit! flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:04.05.23 13:15
Antwort auf:Corona around the world - Situation anderer Länder #3 von Rocco

Das ging schnell, wenn man bedenkt, dass es in China vor einem halben Jahr noch harte Lockdowns gab:

China's domestic tourism rebounded above pre-pandemic levels during the five-day May Day break. Tourists made 274m trips within the country during the holiday period, China's Ministry of Tourism says. That was almost 20% higher than in 2019, before the outbreak of Covid-19 triggered lockdowns across the country. Official figures also show that tourists spent $21bn (£16.7bn) during the period, more than twice the amount seen the same time last year. (...)

The May Day break, which ended on Wednesday, is one of China's most important national holidays. Travel and spending during the period was closely watched for indicators of the strength, or otherwise, of the post-pandemic recovery of the world's second largest economy. Officials are looking for signs that people have started spending again after the country's tight Covid restrictions were lifted.

Outside of China, the country's tourists could help support the recovery of the global travel industry. Before Covid, China was the most important source of international tourists, with more than 150m Chinese people taking trips overseas each year.


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