Guter Artikel zu Long Covid flat
Autor: SidVicious
Datum:28.04.21 17:21

Kein tldr, der Artikel ist in seiner Gänze lesenswert.

Allerdings, weil ja schon einige mal gepostet haben, dass sie sich unter „brain fog“ nichts vorstellen können, hier ein Auszug was damit gemeint ist

„I have started to see long COVID patients myself. Fatigue and “brain fog” are the most common symptoms of those patients referred to me. The cognitive symptoms are extremely similar to patients who have post-concussive syndrome or traumatic brain injury. I have also seen patients over the years who survived a serious brain infection, and they too are similar.

What this means is that these symptoms are non-specific. They don’t point to a particular part of the brain or to a particular mechanism of injury. They may simply reflect the fact that the brain has undergone some diffuse stress and has not yet recovered. For brain injury the mechanism is most likely “diffuse axonal injury” – the connections among brain cells have been partially disrupted. This means the brain has a harder time communicating with itself, which further means that those tasks which require heavy brain processing power are the most affected. People with TBI therefore have a hard time multi-tasking and concentrating, and they cannot keep up with changing or complex sensory input. Sometimes they feel like they just don’t have complete control over their movements, so things that used to be easy, like walking, are now challenging.“


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