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Autor: Vetinari
Datum:24.02.21 12:15
Antwort auf:Re:AZ widerspricht von ChRoM

>Wenn in den Verträgen keine konkreten Liefermengen stehen, bedeutet diese Passage nix.

Tun sie ja. Wurden im veröffentlichten Vertrag geschwärzt.[]

>Und da steht eigentlich nur, dass sie sich bemühen.

>‘Best Efforts’ has generally been considered to be the most demanding of the standard; it has been interpreted as requiring a party to take every action conceivable to accomplish the goal of the contract regardless if the action is unreasonable or the cost exceeds the value of the contract. Though recent cases seem to show courts are stepping away from this harsh determination – a recent article by The National Law Review states that California courts have recently held that the Best Efforts clause needs to be interpreted in light of the circumstances and should be reconciled with other clauses in the contract – clarifying that this efforts clause does not absolutely mean every conceivable effort.

>This clause is commonly requested by the party receiving the goods or services and is often included as a starting point for negotiations.  Due to the confusion between common usage by attorneys and court interpretation, if you see “Best Efforts” in a contract setting out something you are obligated to do – proceed carefully and seek advice.


>‘Reasonable Efforts’ is many times considered to be a compromise between best efforts and commercially reasonable efforts. It is considered to impose a lesser standard than best efforts as it allows a party to give reasonable consideration to their own interests (i.e. cost, feasibility of solution, etc.). It is often interpreted as requiring that an obligated party make a good faith effort to resolve the issue and use reasonable business judgment. However, it is important to note that some courts disregard attempts to differentiate between best efforts and reasonable efforts and consider them to be the same.


oder übersetzt: "Best Reasonable Effort" heißt, dass man alles machen muss was geht, ohne die Firma zu ruinieren (und in manchen auch "muss auch die Firma ruinieren, wenn notwendig". Ist eine verdammt weitreichende Klausel, nicht ein "war stehts bemüht".

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