Ölpreis ist abgestürzt flat
Autor: Rand al'Thor
Datum:20.04.20 20:30

"Oil futures collapsed to below zero for the first time ever as the deepening economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus crisis left traders desperate to avoid taking delivery of physical crude.

In an unprecedented day of trading, the price for the May contracts wiped out all value, breaking every low for oil prices since 1946. The exchange where WTI futures trade said the contract would be allowed to price below zero. The extreme move showed just how oversupplied the U.S. oil market has become with industrial and economic activity grinding to a halt as governments around the globe extend shutdowns due to the swift spread of the coronavirus. An unprecedented output deal by OPEC and allied members a week ago to curb supply is proving too little too late in the face a one-third collapse in global demand."


Das war es wohl endgültig für das Öl-Fracking in den USA. Das lohnt sich jetzt überhaupt nicht mehr.

Der preisliche Unterschied zu Brent-Öl ist echt frappierend. WTI-Öl kostet aktuell 0,19$ pro Barrel und Brent-Öl 26$ pro Barrel.

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