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Ein wenig Hintergrund zur Produktion:


Historical and scientific advisers often find themselves being sidelined when the dictates of story and drama clash with reality, but Cryns found the experience of working with showrunner Justin Marks (who co-created “Shogun” with executive producer and wife Rachel Kondo) to be a very positive one. The original script for the first episode, which Marks shared with Cryns, “was very Western-centered. It was far away from what I have read about those years in the Japanese documents. So I started first to explain to them how samurai would behave, how they would react in certain situations, and I was surprised that they put all that in the script. I thought perhaps they would put in 30%, but they really started putting almost everything in the scripts.”

One example of a historical inaccuracy in a major Hollywood production about Japan shows up in “The Last Samurai.” In the 2003 film, a former U.S. Army captain, played by Tom Cruise, teaches Japanese soldiers how to use guns as if this technology were new to them in 1876. Blackthorne, however, has a very different experience. In the fourth episode of “Shogun,” he is asked to teach Western military tactics to the samurai in the hope it will give them an edge over their enemies. Before Blackthorne can begin, he is told by a retainer of Toranaga, via Mariko’s translation, that the men do not need to learn “basic skills” like the use of firearms because “the Portuguese brought us guns 50 years ago” (Portuguese explorers landed in Japan in 1543). I tell Cryns that this line made me laugh out loud. He laughs, too.

“Well, that was one of my ideas,” he says.

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