Schnörkellos und richtig gut flat
Autor: brainkiller007
Datum:23.02.23 10:21
Antwort auf:Let Him Go [Film] von Fred LaBosch

Wundert mich ein wenig, das es hier nicht mal ein einziges Feedback zu dem Film gibt. Und da es bei mir schon länger her ist, das ich den gesehen habe, kopier ich ein mir gefälliges Review aus Letterboxd rein.

Wasn’t really expecting anything out of this, so color me downright shocked that it turned out to be a tight, terse thriller that’s just as concerned with the guilty cloud that hangs over its eternally grieving protagonists as they remain rocks for each other to lean on even in the face of true evil. Costner is great, giving us a humble flipside to his grunting, hyper-masculine YELLOWSTONE ranch crime lord. Lane is even better, becoming the driving, melancholy motor that pushes these two toward rescuing their only grandchild from a brutal clan of Montana thugs. MVP? Lesley Manville, going Full Ellen Barkin as the aforementioned kidnappers’ psychotic, controlling matriarch. The best ‘90s Eastwood melodrama made 30 year later (and not by Eastwood)?

Gibt es im Stream bei Sky.

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