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Autor: Pezking
Datum:15.07.22 13:54

Heute startet die neue Serie von Nathan Fielder in den USA. Der Typ ist für mich ein Genie.

Nichts hat mich in den letzten 20+ Jahren so zum Lachen gebracht wie "Nathan for you". Eine Realityshow, in der er kleinen Unternehmen mit haarsträubenden und unvorhersehbar eskalierenden Ideen auf die Sprünge helfen will. Und das ist sowohl zum Totlachen, als auch zuweilen auf unverhoffte Weise maximal menschlich.

Kostprobe: Wie man den Reitsport für Übergewichtige zugänglich machen kann. Eigentlich ganz simpel!

Nun also "The Rehearsal". Hier wird das Konzept ganz gut beschrieben:

"It's a comedy, but only in spots. Other times, it's unexpectedly touching, even dramatic. It's a reality show — maybe one of the most real reality shows I've ever seen — in capturing actual behavior. Yet it does so, much of the time, in absurdly unnatural, artificially created environments. And while Fielder has set up his new series as a scientific social experiment of sorts — trying to help people find the best ways to maneuver in a given situation — many times he's the one doing the learning, or becoming a subject in his own experiment."
"Fielder's pitch, and the premise of his show, is that if you practice with a series of scenarios and variables, you can find the best way to proceed. In other words, you can prepare for this event with a series of rehearsals, then perform it for real.
The concept itself sounds absurd, and that absurdity is only magnified when Fielder uses HBO's significant program budget to go all in. Organizational flow charts break down the various possibilities. Actors are hired and coached to play, in rehearsals, the people the subjects will confront in real life. And entire sets are built where those practice sessions are staged — working replicas of homes, bars and restaurants where the real meetings eventually will occur.
It sounds crazy, but Fielder isn't out to make fun of the people in his shows; he's genuinely interested in helping them. And once each experiment in The Rehearsal begins, something strange and hard to explain happens. You really start to see patterns, flaws and obstacles to overcome. You see people. Real people."


Der Trailer:

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