Asakusa Kid - Beat Takeshi Kitano Film (Netflix, 2021) flat
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Netflix: ""I'm a comedian, you fool!"

Directed and written by Gekidan Hitori / Starring Yo Oizumi and Yuya Yagira / Theme song by Keisuke Kuwata

A legendary master who is said to be synonymous with the Tokyo district of Asakusa shares a strong bond with an apprentice who dedicates his youth to become a comedian — but the time will eventually come for them to part ways...

Telling the story of how the comedian Takeshi Kitano came to be through the laughter- and tear-filled days of his youth, the Netflix Film "Asakusa Kid" starts streaming worldwide from Thursday, December 9, 2021, only on Netflix!"

Der Trailer haut mich nicht aus dem Sessel, aber einen Fil basierend auf Kitano´s Memoiren will ich gerne sehen.

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