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>Und größte Erkenntnis, die animierte Karate Kid Serie, ist Canon. :D
>Gesendet mit M! v.2.7.0

Na, da hast du mich aber neugierig gemacht; da ich derzit kein Netflix habe und die dritte Staffel noch nicht sehen konnte, habe ich mal versucht, spoilerfrei zu googlen.

Das ist dabei herausgekommen:


The Karate Kid (1989)
Main article: The Karate Kid (TV series)

A miniature shrine with mystical properties has been stolen from its resting place in Okinawa; Daniel and Miyagi are tasked with locating it and returning it home. Joined by Taki Tamurai, the group searches the globe on a series of adventures to keep the shrine out of dangerous hands.
The shrine appeared again decades later in season 3 of the Cobra-Kai series, when Chozen takes Daniel to the Myagi Dojo in Okinawa. This caused an immediate on going debate between fans who believe this makes the cartoon series canon, while others say it's simply an Easter egg. Cobra Kai executive producer and co-creator Jon Hurwitz took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.
He was addressing a query from a fan, reading, "Hi. It's a weird question, but is the Karate Kid animated series official within the Karate Kid / Cobra Kai universe?" Hurwitz's answer was "The Karate Kid cartoon is not canon," he wrote. He went on to say that the shrine was an Easter egg/tribute.

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