10 best things from SWCC (io9) flat
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Datum:17.04.19 12:54
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"1. A Changing of the Tide

In a post-Last Jedi world, many Star Wars fans have given the franchise a bad rep. Some have turned not liking a movie into a crusade of hate, which also happened to an extent after the release of The Phantom Menace and the character Jar Jar Binks. Well, in Chicago, the fans said “No more.” Jar Jar actor Ahmed Best showed up to celebrate that film’s 20th anniversary and was cheered louder than anyone. Anyone who wasn’t named Kelly Marie Tran, at least. The Last Jedi actress left Instagram after toxic fandom attacked her and her character, Rose. At Celebration though, every time she showed up somewhere, the chants of “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly” echoed through the convention center. In championing both Best and Tran, Star Wars fans said in a singular voice, “We want our franchise back, and our franchise is about love.” (See the above clip at 1:06:11 for one example, 1:17 in this video for another, 47:20 in this one as well as all of this one )"

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