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Datum:11.02.11 16:15
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Okay, da steckt sicher einiges an gewöhnlichem Werbehype dahinter, aber dennoch klingt das interessant:


"Attention Fringe fans: The glyphs are not just B.S.! The glyphs are not just B.S.!

Tonight's episode of Fringe features what may be the show's biggest turn since Walter's flashback Peternapping, and right after the big reveal at the end of the hour, one of Fringe's famous glyph codes flashes on the screen. Suddenly, with your newfound knowledge about where the episode is going, in addition to being part of an alphabetic cipher, one of the show's iconic visuals is revealed to symbolize something damn significant to the show.



"To say that tonight’s episode of Fringe contains game-changing developments would be an offending understatement. The Peter-less episode, which takes place entirely “over there,” will show the alt-team working to crack a rather disgusting case about bugs; Walternate taking a major step in his campaign to be the most evil person in the world; a spark of a possible new romance; a proposal; and (most importantly) tonight’s episode directly addresses a major rumored plot twist that’s been floating around the fandom. All I can say is that what transpires will rock your world here and “over there.” (P.S. Please don’t cancel this show, TV Gods.)"

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