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"What’s the deal?:

“Unearthed” is an unaired episode from season 1, airing for the first time tonight (Monday Jan 11th), on FOX. It was filmed towards the back end of last season and has been locked away in an impenetrable vault underneath the FOX offices..until tonight. Initially, Unearthed was anticipated by many to air towards the beginning of season 2, as a stand-alone, indeed, the episode was used to advertise season 2 after the season 1 finale:


As mentioned, Unearthed is effectively a stand-alone episode from season 1 (it’s officially listed as season 1, episode 21, or “1.21″), detached from the immediate season 2 storylines -- although the network surely have tongue firmly in cheek when suggesting that it might also be from an “alternate universe”. We’ll be the judge of that"

Die "richtige" S02E11 geht erst morgen on air:

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