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Autor: Lynne
Datum:29.09.23 14:23
Antwort auf:Cocoon ab heute (auch im Gamepass) von Inishmore

    Eurogamer: 5/5 "Worlds sit within worlds in this properly magical puzzle adventure."

   GamesRadar+: 5/5 "Cocoon's world-hopping puzzle design is smart, compelling, and effortlessly seamless. Together with a strange biomechanical world of rich environments and soundscapes, Geometric Interactive's mind-bending adventure may very well be the best puzzle game of 2023."

   IGN: 9/10 "Cocoon is one to remember. This puzzle adventure builds on ideas from Limbo and Inside and creates a mind-bending, world-warping adventure unlike either of them."

   Polygon: Recommended. "Geometric Interactive has created an impossibility with Cocoon. It’s a joyful, improbable experience that will leave you transformed."
   Rock Paper Shotgun: No score. "Masterful geography makes this world-hopping puzzler not only a series of clever problems, but a grand exploration of a wonderfully realised cosmic universe."

   Game Informer: 8.75/10 "I don't know that I will ever fully understand what transpired during my molecular journey on Cocoon's alien world, but its imagery and puzzles will stay with me for some time."



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