Mittlerweile schon über 2 Millionen verkaufte Einheiten flat
Autor: Lynne
Datum:24.05.23 10:17
Antwort auf:Dead Island 2 - Yager/DeepSilver von RoduKi

Dambuster Studios and PLAION released Dead Island 2 on April 21, and it is encouraging to see the positive reception from both critics and players. Dead Island 2 sold 1 million units in its first weekend (21-23 April), exceeding management expectations. Measured over the first seven days of the sale period, it has become Deep Silver and PLAION’s biggest launch in history in both units and revenue. I am happy to state that the game has now reached a sell-out of well over 2 million units. It is rewarding to see that the decision to give the studio time to polish the game has paid off.


Finde ich schön, hat das Spiel auch mehr als verdient.


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