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Autor: Blockdrift
Datum:25.01.23 18:05
Antwort auf:Seit Gestern erhältlich. von The Snake

>Und: Die PC-/Steam-Version hat Gestern ebenfalls ein Update erhalten:
>"To celebrate the launch of Risen on modern consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch) we also gave this SKU here an update.
>The game now fully support DirectInput compatible gamepads (either use the launch option to force it or set Controller Mode in the games option menu). We also
>updated the languages it supports (Polish and Russian are fully integrated) and added Steam Achievements and Rich Presence via Steam and Discord.
>Along the way we did a few gameplay & technical (related to audio and physics) bugfixes, made it use 64bit and also added options like changing the FOV.
>Savegames are also compatible with the old SKU and we also added Steam Cloud."

Hui! Schick! Da freut sich mein Mini PC. Direkt mal wieder von Steam runter laden. Ich habs mal relativ weit am PC gespielt, aber leider nie durch. Dann lange Pause eingelegt... das Übliche halt.

R. Blockdrift

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