Turrican 2 AGA V1.1 Update ist da flat
Autor: Fred LaBosch
Datum:20.01.23 17:29
Antwort auf:Turrican - 30th Anniversary von Purple Motion

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Save game slots added (WHDLoad, A500 Mini versions)

CD32 ISO version (requires 4MB Fast RAM)

Two new game modes. Speed run and New Game+

Rebalanced all sound effect volumes

Lots more control options

New features:

Options to set the music/fx volume added

Music menu

Press S to toggle in-game music

New control option to use Arrow Keys

Control option to turn off AutoFire

2nd Fire button on joysticks can be set to control Lightning, Jump or Gyro/Powerline.

Sparkles added to title logo

Scrolling inertia updated to be closer to original game

Option to view Intro from menu

Bug fixes:

Fixed a crash that mostly occurred in later levels

Fix for silver diamonds sometimes showing as yellow

Diamond sound effect fixed

Fix for HUD values sometimes not updating

Jump height is reduced in waterfalls

Waterfalls animate faster

Fix for super weapon

Hiscores now say END when game completed

World 2-1 boss can no longer be shot from above

World 2-1 big fish follows player up/down

World 1-2 end of level boss, brain flash is clearer + tweaked damage

World 4-1 small update to secrets

World 3-3 after ship is repaired, players ship lets off a shot

Fix for player being able to jump and get stuck in World 4-2

Fix for player being able to roll and get stuck in World 5-1

Fix when quitting the game when animated tiles are in the background

Fix to Time Out handling


New silver diamond sprite

Now defaults to using Amiga player sprite

Continues not allowed in Challenge mode


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