Beloved Rapture (Retro RPG inspired by SNES) 2023 flat
Autor: Mangamaniac2171
Datum:15.01.23 01:49
Antwort auf:Kickstarter-Videospiel-Projekte von Phineas

Bin ich vor ein paar Tagen zufällig drüber gestolpert. Sieht verdammt gut aus. Die Videos sehen vielversprechend aus. Würd es am liebsten sofort spielen :-)


- Set in a world of political intrigue and ancient magic, Beloved Rapture is an upcoming 2D RPG inspired by the SNES era! 

- A SNES-Style Fantasy RPG! A story focused on Existentialism, Spirituality, Friendship, LGBT Themes, and Identity.

- Beloved Rapture is a game that takes place amidst an epic conflict, though its heart is more deeply concerned with the intimate human relationships of its characters. 

- An indie jRPG that blends modern themes with classic gameplay. Johan has spent his youth lazing the idyllic countryside... but on the eve of his 18th year, he must confront the return of his long-gone father, a strange cult looming ever-closer, and perhaps most daunting of all: his own demons.

Gibt auch schon eine Demo für Steam. Konsolenziel ist noch nicht erreicht.

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