Cyber Heist-DLC am 18.08. für 9.99€ flat
Autor: Lynne
Datum:04.08.22 14:20
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Cyber Heist will be playable for both solo and co-op play and continues The Ascent's story with a secretive mission from Kira. You'll have to have completed the main storyline to access the DLC's new main and side missions, which will allow you to enter a new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Group to pilfer some "ground-breaking tech." Only the party host needs to have completed the main campaign when playing with friends, so don't worry if you're not quite there yet.

The DLC features advanced melee combat, brand-new enemies to destroy, new friends to meet, several melee weapons to play with for the first time (the Rock Crusher and Guillotine), and a never-before explored overworld location to check out.



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