Neuer Zen Originals Tisch: Grimm Tales - 55 Tickets flat
Autor: JPS
Datum:21.07.22 18:09
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Pinball FX (Epic Store) only - für FX3 kommt nach Indiana Jones wie angekündigt nichts mehr.

Damit wären es jetzt genau 50 Tische, so dass man beim aktuellen Sale die nächste Rabattstufe erreicht. Insgesamt kosten die Tische aktuell 1058 Tickets, was dann 70,52 Euro oder 1,41 Euro pro Tisch entspricht.

Also ein recht guter Zeitpunkt zum Kauf, wenn man nicht noch mind. 9 Monate auf eine Steam Version oder auf den Release aller alten Tische warten will.


Pinball FX Early Access

New Table:
- Grimm Tales is now available in Pinball FX Early Access

New Features:
- Added season events. Check out the Summer Classics Season Now!
- Added the Collection feature - take stock of all your collectibles, and see what you need to unlock in the future! The feature is available in the Collectibles menu

User-generated Tournaments
- Added the Password feature for user-generated tournaments - you can create Private Tournaments now!
- Added tournament IDs and a search option for user-generated tournaments
- Added new filters for user-generated tournaments

- Creating a tournament is now possible with controllers
- Various localization fixes
Table Fixes

Space Station
- The Williams logo is now spinning during the table’s introduction
- Fixed a bug when the floor was visible under the table in free view mode
- The left orbit gate is now only one-way
- The bumpers are now lit during multiball
- Intro music volume has been lowered

- Fixed the right slingshot cover
- The Williams logo is now spinning during the table’s introduction
- The date and time in the ROM are now correct
- The trapdoor section has been completed in the table guide
- Fixed a typo in the table’s name in the menu’s
- Fixed the "Lite Exra Ball" typo
- Fixed multiple visual extras not turning off in enhancement off mode
- Fixed the plunger lane so that full power shots won’t result in Rudy’s Hideout skillshot

Curse of the Mummy
- Fixed a bug during the Mummy Attack mode
- Fixed an issue when a torch turned off when it shouldn't happen during Maze Blaze
- Fixed a bug that caused table crashes during Pyramid Multiball

Theatre of Magic
- Fixed the right ramp one-way gate sensor so that it won’t register hits from the closed side anymore
- Fixed the upper sensor on the left orbit
- Pop-up scores will no longer disappear after a ball out with enhancements turned off

The Machine: Bride of Pin·Bot
- The moon is now visible above the flippers
- The date and time in the ROM are now correct
- Corrected the legal line in the introduction
- The sparkling enhancement effect will no longer appear during Billionaire’s Club shots in classic mode
- Fixed an issue when going into or exiting the table guide or manual camera disoriented the head rotation

Dr. Dude and his Excellent Ray
- The silhouette of the bumpers will disappear correctly when a bumper activates
- The uncensored version of the backglass is now available in the game

Jurassic Park Pinball
- Fixed an issue where the table could crash after continuing a previous save

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