PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 & PC-FX Anthology (Update) flat
Autor: Ihsan
Datum:01.12.21 09:13
Antwort auf:Anthology Bücher von Snowflake

Gerade von Geeks Line die Mail bekommen:

Hello everyone,  

Once again, we apologize for the delays, but finally the end of the tunnel is near.

We write to you today to confirm that PC Engine Anthology orders will begin shipping around Europe and outside of the United States in the next 20 days (December 20th).

Regarding the US orders, the vessel carrying the pallets should arrive at our logistics partner in Michigan, 6 weeks later. The book will then be shipped to you immediately.  

Once again,  thank you for your undestanding and patience.

The Geeks-Line team

Ist also hoffentlich bald soweit.

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