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Ver. 4.0.0 (Released November 23, 2021)

Added Playable Character, “Wiggler”
       Wiggler has been added as a playable character playable in matches.
       He is a  power-type character that uses his long body to send the ball
       When he uses a Special Shot or is attacked, he will become enraged and
       power up for a certain amount of time:
       Ball flight distance increases by 1.1 times.
       In “Speed Golf”, in addition to distance, running speed and Special Dash
       speed will be enhanced by 1.25 times. In addition, the Special Dash will
       change from a straight shot to a special shot that hits the ground and
       sends out a shockwave.
       His Special Shot has the effect of blowing away balls from its point of
       impact, as well as the surrounding area, due to the impact of the berries
       that are launched with it.
Added Playable Character “Shy Guy”
       Shy Guy has been added as a playable character to choose from in Matches.
       He is a well-balanced, all-around character that is easy to use in any
       His Special Dash uses the help of the Fly Guys to keep him flying until his
       gauge runs out, or a button is pressed. Use it at the right time to get an
       advantage over your opponent.
       His Special Shot has the effect of blowing away balls around its point of
Added Golf Course, “Shelltop Sanctuary”
       Added the full course “Shelltop Sanctuary”, made entirely of short holes.
       Shelltop Sanctuary, where Cheep Cheeps fly to and fro, is a short course
       with all of its 18 holes being Par 3.
       Two difficulty levels can be selected: “Amateur”, and “Pro”. Switching
       between them will greatly change the location of the green.
Added Golf Course, “All-Star Summit”
       Added the full course “All-Star Summit”, which uses illustrations of Mario
       and others as a motif.
       This course features familiar characters, and the design of the green and
       the bunkers is different from other courses, so you can enjoy employing a
       different kind of strategy.
       The brick blocks strewn throughout the course can be broken by hitting them
       with a shot, or special dash. Break them to acquire coins that refill your
       Get on top of the clouds found on the course to travel to opposite banks,
       or acquire Star Coins to fully charge your Energy.
Added New Mode, “Target Golf”
       A new mode that allows you to play with just tee shots, without needing to
       know the detailed rules of golf.
       Players take turns shooting a total of five balls at a circular target,
       competing for the highest score based on points awarded according to the
       position they hit. The closer the ball is to the center of the target, the
       higher the score will. If another player scores in an area first, however,
       the area will not be scored until the board resets. During play, ball types
       can change, and high-scoring targets appear that offer a chance for
       Can be played with Motion Controls.
       In the Play Golf menu, you can play against four other players with a
       single Joy-Con on a single Nintendo Switch. You can also play against four
       other players in Local Play and Online Play.
       In the Solo Challenge menu, you can also play the single player challenge
       content Solo Score Challenge, Target Golf. The challenge is to see how many
       points you can score before you miss three times, while the ball type and
       wind direction changes.
Added New Mode, “One-On, One-Putt”
       One-On, One-Putt has been added to Solo Score Challenge, a mode where you
       must hit the green on the first swing and then putt into the cup on the
       second swing. The first shot must be on the green and the second shot must
       be in the cup.
       You can play this mode on New Donk City and Shelltop Sanctuary, which
       consist of short courses only, in Amateur and Pro configurations,
       respectively. In Shelltop Sanctuary, there is a Special difficulty level
       that requires you to use a special club for each hole.
Game Balance Adjustments
       Changed the amount of Energy Gauge recovered when obtaining coins from 1%
       to 4%.
       Adjusted the number of coins that drop around you when you are attacked.
       When attacking another player with Special Dash, the coins dropped by the
       opponent will now be automatically collected.
       Stamina consumption when dashing with the B button has been reduced.
       When Stamina has completely depleted and the B button is being held down,
       after a fixed amount of time, Stamina will recover and the player can start
       dashing again, even if the B button is continuously held down.
       CPUs now aim more to collect the Coins and Hearts on the course than
       CPUs will now aim Special Shots and Special Dashes at other players more
       than before.
       Medals are now displayed on the Main Menu, which allow you to check your
       completion of challenges and achievements.
       A guide explaining how to play will now display every time at the start of
       using Motion Controls.
       Spin will no longer be added after Pin Shots, and Flag Shots.
       Adjusted the positioning of some of the garbage cans and benches in New
       Donk City.
       Fixed an issue where Wario’s Special Dash would sometimes hit an invisible
       wall above other players while going airborne.
       Fixed additional issues to improve playability and game balance.

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