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Autor: KikjaR
Datum:14.09.21 17:44
Antwort auf:Eastward von klinke

So ein SlowPace Retro RPG Adventure mit sympathischen Charakteren, guter Lore und angemessener Spielzeit kommt mir auf der Switch vor M-Dread gerade recht. Hat der Videoeindruck letztens wohl getäuscht.


„Eastward is a game that loves games - specifically Japanese classics such as The Legend of Zelda, early Dragon Quest games and Final Fantasy…“

„It may be slow to get going, but once Sam and John find their feet, Eastward roars to life like nothing else.“

„Sad tales, surprises, and secrets lurk off Eastward's beaten paths and there's always some kind of reward for being nosy – even if they don't always feel like a pleasant gift.“

„Surprisingly, Eastward does not live and die by its combat or puzzles. Eastward builds a world that feels real, heartfelt, and intriguing…The locations and characters that fill these environments are memorable, and I wanted to thoroughly explore the town to make sure I talked to every single NPC.“

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