Netflix steigt irgendwie ins Games-Business ein flat
Autor: publicmaw
Datum:15.07.21 17:40


"While Netflix has yet to post its own announcement about the initiative, the streaming-video provider has confirmed to Ars Technica that it has hired a former EA and Oculus exec to lead a Netflix game-publishing team."

"While Netflix has not yet confirmed what shape its video game publishing arm might take, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has suggested that the effort could lead to "video games [as part of] its service in the next year." The use of "video games" as a descriptor is key, as that differentiates the effort from the "choose your own adventure" TV specials that have become more common on the service since Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch" special debuted in 2018."

Hm… Denke, das naheliegendste ist, dass Netflix als Publisher auf den gängigen Plattformen veröffentlicht, aber mit einem Gamepass-ähnlichen Abo-Modell.

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