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Autor: Fred LaBosch
Datum:07.07.21 22:35
Antwort auf:Limited Run Games von Blockdrift

"If you’re seeing this notice, it’s because there have been changes to EU VAT laws in your country. These changes have taken into effect starting July 1, 2021. These changes affect every e-Commerce website that ships and sells products going into the EU, including Limited Run Games.
You may see slightly different shipping prices because the EU is requiring all e-Commerce websites to charge VAT on each individual order regardless of the product value. In an effort to make the transition as transparent as possible for customers, we’ve separated the shipping and taxes lines in our shopping cart so you can see what portion of the shipping is legally required by your country.

We have also attempted to lower overall shipping costs in the EU to the best of our ability in an attempt to offset VAT fees. This will vary per country. Please check with your local customs office or local tax branch to learn more.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-The Limited Run Team

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