Re:"Valve's New Bad Idea" - Delayed Input w/ Kyle Bosman flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:28.05.21 07:10
Antwort auf:"Valve's New Bad Idea" - Delayed Input w/ Kyle Bosman von membran

>Sein Fazit: Vermutlich wird man wegen der Chipkrise eh weder SteamPal noch dessen dann vermutliche Konkurrenz, die Switch Pro, problemlos kaufen können.

Aus dem Switch-Thread:

Suppliers are confident they can fulfill Nintendo’s orders despite the ongoing chip shortages. Its production lines are better prepared for the potential component shake-up and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals’ more powerful consoles.

Still, the company’s ability to meet consumer demand won’t be guaranteed, as a dearth of display driver ICs and Bluetooth chips have led to production of the incumbent Switch stopping and starting several times.

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