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Wie ich weiter unten vermutet hatte, ist die Nummer nicht sonderlich kompliziert und wirklich nur via zweier Kugeln gelöst (wird an früherer Stelle des Videos gesagt). Aber was die Simulation angeht, wird's hier sehr interessant - besonders intensiv wird's, wenn Spieler, Schiff und ggf. Sonde auf verschiedenen Planeten sind (Achtung, ein paar Spoiler zu möglichen Beschaffenheiten und Möglichkeiten auf verschiedenen Planeten):

"Each planet is a rigidbody, like a physically simulated object moving through space, affected by forces. And so is everything else, everything in the game is.

You know if we were a different game, we could get away with saying, we'll fake it when you're on this planet,and it'll look right. But because Outer Wilds is a game about simulation and about truth in systems, that was top of my list for things I didn't want to do was fake anything.

That is one of those things where we try to just tighten it. We reduce the number of colliders on the planet. We reduce the complexity of them while still having it be a surface you can walk around on.


A lot of people wonder like, hey, are they faking all the caves inside planets? So the zero-g cave, it's literally zero-g because it's in the middle of the planet.
(... )Now you're there, and all the mass is around you. And so it's all pulling on you equally in each direction. So this is actually physically correct.

If you leave a planet, we do a bunch of stuff to optimize it while you're not there. We switch to a super low res version of the planet, you know, handmade by like Lara or someone else.

Turn off a bunch of the collision so we aren't updating all this collision math while there's nothing there to collide with. We suspend a bunch of scripts and a bunch of objects. The issue is that if you leave your ship on a planet, then you go somewhere else. It still needs to collide with stuff. We need colliders there. So leave colliders. And furthermore for this philosophy of the truth in the system, if there's a geyser going off and should be hitting that ship, it needs to keep hitting that ship. If the sand level's rising, and it's trapped underneath something, it needs to respond to that.

That means we have to keep all the collision and scripts running when the ship is left on a planet. When you leave a probe on a planet, you need to be able to take snapshots of it from across the solar system, which means all the rendering, all the visuals need to be turned on. If you have it right next to a geyser, the geyser has to go off.

The worst thing you can possibly do in that game is have the scout, yourself, and the ship all on different planets. And if you really want to go hard I'd put the Nomai shuttle on a fourth. But, like, don't do that. Don't.

We have to render at least some of what's going on. Like if you leave your ship on Brittle Hollow and a piece breaks, your ship needs to go through the black hole and get spit out the white hole. And if you leave it on Ash Twin, we need your ship to to get sucked up by the sand funnel, even if you're halfway across, you got teleported to to Giant's Deep or something. And that was really important to us. We tried really, really hard. And the tech team kind of worked really hard to make sure we didn't lose tha sense that this is a world that doesn't revolve around you. 'Cause that was one of the main design pillars. It's like, not a player-- It's not supposed to feel like a player centric game.

The world doesn't stop simulating just because you're elsewhere. At one point we thought about making this an achievement but then thought better of it. Annapurna got, uh, miffed at us because one of our suggested achievements was called "Critical Performance Hit." And it was leave your ship on one planet, and your probe on another, and go to a third. And they were like, you cannot have an achievement be the player crashing their Playstation or Xbox. Are you insane? And we're like, yes. We're purposely making people get frame drops. But good point though. Yeah, it's like, don't encourage people to do this. And we're like, OK. You're right, but not as fun.

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