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Autor: Fred LaBosch
Datum:19.04.21 19:41
Antwort auf:Your order information has not yet made it to our system von Fred LaBosch

Hi Fred,

I hope you are having a good day!
I do apologize as it appears we are currently experiencing an issue with a batch of tracking numbers at this time. We are working closely with our Shipping Partner to get this issue resolved.
Unfortunately, we do not have a full list of orders that are affected to confirm if your order is one of them. However, we have been informed that those packages are still on their way and that it is still possible that your order can be delivered to you without any tracking updates showing.

We do consider shipments lost in transit 30 days out from the last tracking update without a recorded delivery. In a case where there are no tracking updates, the last update would be considered the initial ship date. If you don't receive your shipment in that timeframe just send us an update, either via this same ticket thread or as a new ticket and we'll be able to initiate a lost in transit case at that time. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know and we'd be happy to help.

Otherwise, have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

Na dann hoffe ich mal, dass das Spiel noch bei mir eintrudelt, die 30 Tage sind ja fast rum.
Unter normalen Umständen hätte es ja zwei Tage nach dem ersten Paket ankommen müssen.

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