Und das nächste Update ist da flat
Autor: Lynne
Datum:30.03.21 13:31
Antwort auf:Update mit kostenlosem Content und einigen Änderungen von Lynne


   Explore new pirate-themed missions like taking down trading vessels, looting, and attacking marine forts. Players will earn pirate levels as they explore the Great Ursee ocean.
   Complete a mini-story side quest by defeating legendary aces, powerful mini-boss fighters.
   Complete a new story mission by targeting Atun's Folly when you aren't a pirate.
   Defeat new legendary aces that ride vicious mounts like a Pheonix, Pteron, and Ormir Drake.
   Dual-wield the powerful pirate magnetar rifle.
   Other general game improvements, changes, and more.


Wollte ich ja auch mal weiterspielen, muß mich mal durchringen demnächst.


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