Details zu den Next Gen Versionen flat
Autor: Deashcore
Datum:28.01.21 10:13
Antwort auf:Control (ehemals "Project 7") von Remedy (PC, PS4, One) von Lynne


Performance Mode – Targets 60fps performance with 1440p render resolution and 4K output

Graphics Mode – Targets 30fps performance with ray tracing (transparency and reflections) at 1220p render resolution and 4K output

NOTE: Only the Performance mode is available on Xbox Series S. It is targeting 60fps with no ray tracing, at 900p render resolution, and 1080p output. This is a limitation of the hardware, not the game.

PS5 DualSense Support – Support for vibrations and triggers.

PS5 Activities and Help – Cards and videos that help guide you through the game, and keep track of your progress.

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