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Autor: ROCK01
Datum:06.01.21 19:08
Antwort auf:Nooooooo von Pfroebbel

Am Ende wird es halt wirklich gut fürs Spiel sein.
Scheinbar ist es einfach noch nicht da wo es sein soll, sonst würde man sich dem nicht aussetzen.

Der Community Manager hat auch gerade was dazu auf Reddit geschrieben:


I want to be as transparent as possible, though I also have to take a bit of care with what I'm able to say at this point in time.

But what I can say is that there isn't a single "major" issue that has caused the delay. We didn't wake on a cold January morning to find the house on fire. The truth is that almost every aspect of the game benefits from delaying the release and delivering the demo ahead of launch.

Development-wise the team can of course can continue to resolve bugs, polish and fine-tune the game with the added time.

For gamers, trying out an brand new IP for free ahead of launch is also something quite positive. We've all seen how many people wanted to try Outriders via demo before launch, and this will serve them very well.

Marketing-wise we get more time to promote the game and we can use the free demo as an extremely strong selling point for people to try the game and pre-order (or wait for launch day) if they are so inclined.

These are really very high-level views of those fields, and there is a lot more nuance in each of course, but when you think about everything within context, the decision we made is the most logical one and the one that benefits the greatest amount of people.

We've been very keen on being as transparent as we can be and we will continue to do so (you can look out for more Outriders news next week already) - I think a free demo (no pre-order necessary) is the most transparent move we could have made - I hope you agree?"

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