Borderlands 3 scheint geil zu sein inklusive Dual Sense flat
Autor: Sidewinder
Datum:22.11.20 21:17
Antwort auf:PS 5 BC - welche Spiele könnt ihr empfehlen? von Scarface



"Meanwhile, the best new addition, at least for players on PS5, isn’t on-screen at all. It’s in your hands. Borderlands 3 makes full use of the DualSense’s advanced haptics to delightful effect. Breaking into a sprint causes an ever-so-subtle rumble. Same for when you jump, or land from a modest height, or reload a weapon. When you shoot a burst-fire hand cannon, you’ll feel the right trigger tense up with each individual round. Charge-up firearms rev like a motorcycle. Automatic rifles and submachine guns hum with the soothing buzz of a massage chair, while rocket launchers kick as hard as a donkey."
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