Re:Modul Version gestrichen flat
Autor: Fred LaBosch
Datum:14.11.20 16:32
Antwort auf:Modul Version gestrichen von Orrpus

>Heute eine E-Mail und das Geld zurück erhalten.
>"Physicality Games
>ORDER #####
>Your order has been canceled
>Order ##### was canceled and your payment has been refunded. We regret to inform you that we were unable to achieve sufficient pre-orders on our exclusive pre-order titles. Therefore we have decided to cancel all of our exclusive pre-order titles and have processed a full refund for your order(s), per our guarantee. We offer a sincere apology that we are unable to ship and would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and support.
>Refunded Items
>?Rolling Gunner ×
>The Physicality Games website will remain open and non pre-order games and apparel will remain available for purchase. Community functions will remain active and new accounts and profiles can still be created and shared online. However, exclusive pre-order titles will no longer be available. If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at"
>Schade, ich hatte mich darauf gefreut.

War auch eine komische Strategie, wäre schön, wenn jetzt ein anderer Limited Laden einspringt.
Aber schön, dass es keine Probleme mit der Rückerstattung gab.

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