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Autor: Rocco
Datum:16.09.20 15:00
Antwort auf:Descent (underground) von Spaceace

In April 2015 die Kickstarter-Kampagne unterstützt. Lieferung war damals noch für 2016 vorgesehen. Heute gab's mal wieder ein Update, aus dem ich nicht schließen kann, dass das Game jemals rauskommen wird. Zunächst gibt's Unstimmigkeiten bzw. eine gerichtliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Publisher und desweiteren ist die eingekaufte Descent-Lizenz mit Interplay mittlerweile ausgelaufen - welche besagter Publisher erstmal verlängern müsste.

Schade eigentlich...


However, as we got to the end of primary game development and about 2-4 weeks from our Beta release to early backers a dispute arose with the publisher.

This has since lead to a lawsuit and our counter lawsuit.
All I can say is our entire team is committed to getting our work out to those of you who backed us - and have been so danged patient.  We just need to get through this legal process first and settle on whom gets to do what.
Also, there is a matter of the Descent trademark, a few weeks after the dispute, the trademark license with Interplay ended.
So, once the court rules - the publisher of the game will need to re-enter a license agreement with Interplay for the rights to call it a Descent product.
If no agreement is reached, the game could be released as the original pre-kickstarter title "Ships that Fight Underground" or something else, as Descendent Studios owns the assets and the game IP. Our strong preference of course, is to re-engage Interplay and procure another license and release as a Descent product - that will need to be negotiated after the court has their say in the dispute listed above.


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