Avengers can teach Destiny a few things about Battle flat
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Yesterday, the Avengers game revealed its plans for microtransactions and they seem…pretty non-controversial. There have been some headlines and YouTube videos framing what was revealed as “Avengers to charge $10 per character battle pass!!” but that’s not really understanding the monetization plan, or at the very least, heavily discounting it.

Yes, each character in Avengers has a “battle pass” that is full of a small amount of resources and cosmetics ranging from nameplates to emotes to skins. The first six for all the starting characters will be free, but after that, each new character’s premium battle pass (there are some free rewards) will be $10. But this is separate from the introduction of the character themselves, which will be free to use, and their accompanying missions are free to play.

With the battle pass, there are some things that Crystal Dynamics is doing here that I think Destiny 2 could learn from specifically, given its seasonal model which also employs a similar monetization strategy.

The biggest thing, first and foremost, is that Avengers has realized that eliminating FOMO (the fear of missing out) is key in crafting a battle pass, which unlike pretty much every other game that uses them, Destiny included, theirs does not expire. As in, if you pick up the Hawkeye battle pass when his character comes out in a few weeks, you don’t have a “season” to finish it. You have…as much time as you want, meaning you don’t have to solely grind out Hawkeye over other characters to finish it if you don’t want to.
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The second thing Avengers is doing with its battle passes is something other games do like Fortnite and Call of Duty, but not Destiny. If you are dedicated enough to grind through the entire thing, you will be rewarded with enough currency to afford the next paid battle pass, for free. This rewards time investment and in practice, means that if you like the game enough to play it so much you max these passes, you do not actually have to spend anything at all on these premium battle pass tiers.

Destiny does not do this. They award at least some amount of Bright Dust, which can be used to buy store cosmetics, yes, but not all store cosmetics, and you do not earn Silver, which is the only way that you can buy a new season.

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