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- Some late game mission types are co-op/online only and can't be played solo/with AI companions
- Raid like missions won't be there at launch but we'll get the first one just a few weeks after release (they are already working on more Raid missions)
- For offline players, they need to do an initial online check when playing the game for the first time. After that they can play all of the missions that support solo play offline without the need to go online again
- The story of new Heroes (post launch) won't be about them joining with and interacting with the core Avengers crew. Heroes will have their own separate story that focused on them
- They are planning seasonal events like Halloween, Christmas, etc but they'll announce the details later as we get close to said events (in some cases they might shadow drop an event and surprise the players though)
- They plan to have weekly/monthly updates for the game and they'll share the exact details at a later date
- In regards to adding new costumes the plan is to have a mix of free unlockable costumes and paid only outfits
- You cannot mix and match different elements of outfits with each other (like making regular Hulk wear a fedora)
- Gears won't change the way your character looks
- Some skills do improve your ability to traverse more effectively but the majority of skills are focused around combat (thank you Bunta & est1992 )
- Hulk can't climb on the side of buildings/walls and such but he can jump off the walls and smash enemies from there
- You cannot respec your upgrade point once they are spent, but you can switch between different versions of a move once they are unlocked (no upgrade point needed for that)
- NOTE: You can unlock every skill in all three skill trees (you are not locked into one skill tree)
- You can change some of your skills/abilities mid-mission (?)
- Besides a few scene in the story, Tony will almost always be in his Iron Man attire
- You can change which Hero you use to walk around the helicarrier
- In the missions you can only earn gears and outfits for the Hero that you are currently using
- You can buy gears for all characters from vendors
- Your AI companions won't level up your heroes. So you need to play all your heroes yourself if you want to keep them at a high level
- If you go down during a mission AI companions will focus on reviving you
- There are skills that'll make reviving easier in the game
- You can use certain gears and abilities to create certain builds for Heroes. Like a close range melee combat Iron-Man.
- While AI companions will use the skills and abilities that you have unlocked and equipped, they won't necessarily utilize the build that you've made for the hero that they are controlling. EDIT: Exact quote for clarification (thank you Serene ): "AI Avengers behave situationally for ranged and melee combat. When you run forward, Hulk uses ranged as you enter combat; when he gets close, he'll use melee."
- With the exception of a few parts in the game where Heroes need to have a certain costume on (for story purposes), your Heroes will show up in cutscenes and gameplay with the outfits that you've chosen for them
- When playing with another friend (two players and two AIs), you can pick favorites from your other heroes so they would show up as AI companions. So in that scenario, you have two players and one AI companion from each players crew. If they have set a favorite hero the game will choose that as an AI partner, if not then the game will choose AI companions at random from each crew
- HARM challenge rooms have set configurations/challenges that will be update regularly, but they are not customizable (For example you can't pick Taskmaster and Abomination as enemies and fight with them to have a heroes vs villains showdown unless the devs have made that an specific challenge room)
- There are no mini-maps in War Zones
- Points of interest will be refreshed to have new loot in them each time you replay a mission
- War Zones can take from 10 to 30 minutes depending on how big they are
- Raid like missions that they'll add post launch can take up to 2 hours to complete
- Drop Zones at most will take 10 minutes
- There are a lot of a set pieces in the game both in campaign missions and in war zones
- There are 4 difficulty settings for each missions. The higher the difficulty, the better the reward
- Currently you can store up to 300 combined pieces of gears for all the heroes
- Some of the War Zones might have spoilers if you haven't done certain story missions, in which case the players who haven't played said story missions will get a spoiler warning message before starting that War Zone mission
- When playing co-op, the game will adjust its difficulty to match the player who has the lowest level in the group

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