Checkt mal eure Mails flat
Autor: musashi
Datum:30.07.20 14:50
Antwort auf:Hat irgend jemand seine Ausgaben seit April bekommen? von Infinity

Habe vorgestern die folgende bekommen:

Dear musashi,

We are getting in touch to inform you that we have begun to dispatch all stored back issues of Edge to subscribers who have not yet received them due to Covid-19.

Stored magazines are now being safely shipped in batches. We anticipate that these issues will arrive throughout August. You may not receive all issues at the same time.

Depending on which issues you are entitled to, expect to receive some or all of the following issues over the next few weeks (click the links below to view a temporary digital edition):

   Edge issue #345
   Edge issue #346
   Issue #347 has already shipped to you.

With this, we expect all future subscription issues to ship to you as normal, by land and air freight (local disruptions may affect delivery times).

We believe that a great magazine is more important than ever right now, and so we’re immensely grateful for the support and patience you’ve shown us while we’ve worked to get your issues to you.

Don’t forget, if you’re ready to renew your subscription or you’re looking at expanding your magazine collection, you can use the code THANKYOU10 to get 10% off your next purchase at the checkout.

Man hätte mir also auch einfach meine erste Anfrage mit "Nein, haben wir noch nicht versandt, aber bald gibt es Neuigkeiten" beantworten können, ohne Ausgabe 346 und 347 noch mal neu zu versenden. Nummer 346 dürfte ich also auch bald doppelt haben.

Naja, bin dennoch froh, dass die das Nachsenden nicht vergessen haben, wie ich es unten ja schon befürchtet hatte.

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