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>...nicht das es noch jemand Spielen würde, außer vermutlich einer Handvoll Hardcore Fighting Gamer.

Wollte gerade wieder anfangen :D wo ich wieder PS+ hab

Anscheinend habe sie ja u.a. das Reversal Edge generft (es triggert nicht mehr gegen blockende Gegner, kann bei voller Charge nun guard-crushen) und es scheint sowas wie den V-Reversal aus SFV zu geben, mit dem man Meter einsetzen kann, um u.a. Unblockables zu blocken.
Schau mir auf jeden Fall mal an, wie es sich mittlerweile spielt :)

Soul Calibur 6 Version 2.00 Universal Changes

Soul Attack

• Added special attacks called "Soul Attack" which shift you to a Soul Charged state while attacking the opponent.
• Soul charging generates a shockwave that knocks the opponent back, making it hard to follow up with powered up attacks. This mechanic was added to counter this.
• Soul Attacks are an effective way of utilizing Soul Charged techniques while keeping up your offensive.
• One full soul gauge bar is needed to trigger the attack.
• Depending on the fighting style, some Soul Attacks allow follow-ups or shift you to special stances with extra commands.
• Unlike Soul Charge, Soul Attacks do not grant you immediate invincibility, meaning they shouldn't be used as a defensive option.
• As a general rule, Soul Attacks cannot be performed if you are already in a Soul Charged state. (However, some characters can still use Soul Attacks while in a Soul Charged state.)

Resistance Impact

• Added a new mechanic called "Resist Impact" that allows you to repel Break Attacks and Unblockable Attacks.
• Half of a soul gauge bar is needed to trigger the attack.
• Successfully repelling an attack with a Resist Impact will restore a great deal of your guard stamina.
• It is an effective way of getting out of danger just before a guard crush.
• While you are Soul Charged, the move will not cost any soul gauge.
• However, as with Soul Charged moves, it will slightly decrease your Soul Charge time.
• Unlike with normal Guard Impacts, successfully repelling an attack will not increase the soul gauge

Improvements to Reversal Edge

• The following changes were made to Reversal Edge to improve the pace of matches.
• Previously, the conditions "holding the attack button for the maximum duration" and "immediately after successfully parrying the opponent's attack" would shift you to a Reversal Edge clash upon hit or guard.
• However, it will now shift only upon hit.
• Though you won't shift to a clash upon guard anymore, your soul gauge will increase a great deal.
• The amount your soul gauge is increased has been boosted for when the attack lands against an opponent that cannot shift to a clash, such as a jumping or downed opponent.
• To replace Reversal Edge clashes triggering upon guard, Season 2 now allows Reversal Edges to guard crush instead.
• When guarded, Reversal Edges now deal chip damage.
• The amount your soul gauge is increased when parrying the opponent's attack has been boosted.

Changes Made to Grapple Breaks

• Made the follow two changes to allow for more offensive options after a grapple break.
• The soul gauge increases for the attacker even if the opponent performs a grapple break.
• You still receive some damage when successfully performing a grapple break.
• This damage will never cause a K.O. (Health will never drop below zero from a grapple break.)
• The above changes do not apply to grapple breaks performed against the following throws.
- Seong Mi-na's "Opening Treasure" and "Holding Treasure"
- Kilik's "Trick Bo" and "Dirty Bo"
- The 2nd attack of Sophitia's "Heaven To Hell"
- The 2nd attack of Talim's "Monsoon Season"
- Cassandra's "Cyclops Hammer" and "Cyclops Drop"
- Yoshimitsu's "Soul Siphon" and "Soul Possession"

Vulnerability During a Step

• Taking a step backward or to the side temporarily places you in a vulnerable state during which you cannot guard, but now you will remain vulnerable even if you change direction to take a step forward.
• You will be able to guard again after a fixed amount of time has passed.
• However, changing direction to take a step forward still cannot be run countered.

Jump Attacks

• Regarding the input window, certain inputs would cause the tracking of jump attacks to be much better than intended. The input window for jump attacks has been made stricter to make it harder for this to occur.

Horizontal Roll Wakeup

• Fixed an issue in which characters were unable to guard for some time while waking up from a downed state

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