The Falconeer - Luftschlacht mit Falken (PC/Konsole) flat
Autor: Lynne
Datum:12.11.19 10:06

The Falconeer is a new take on air combat. A 3rd person game that puts you in control of a Falconeer, an airborne warrior.  Using ranged weapons , the game still holds true to classic dog fighting mechanics but adds twists such as acrobatics and crazy line up of enemies to take on.   You'll fight other Falconeers, but also large lumbering airships, flying beetles, manta rays and offcourse the dragon-like weavers.  

The story revolves around a singular conflict, but as a player you'll get to play and experience it from as many angles as you want, offering you acces to all the factions involved.

The Falconeer is an open-world game. Meaning that a reasonable chunk of the Ursee can be explored and engaged freely.  With different factions and their settlements and bases responding to your actions and faction allegiance.

Sieht im Trailer sehr schön aus, jetzt muß das Spiel drumherum nur passen :)

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