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Datum:07.11.19 10:11
Antwort auf:Super Fighter Team: 2 neue Mega Drive Titel in 2015 von President Mobutu

Hat sonst keiner die Mail erhalten?

Super Fighter Team wird nichts mehr herausbringen, sie werden nur noch als Entwickler tätig sein.
Finde ich sehr schade. Zwar haben die auch immer lange gebraucht und nicht alles war rund, aber sie haben interessante Spiele veröffentlicht.

Ich hatte mich sehr auf Vixen 357 für Mega Drive gefreut. Immerhin, das Geld wurde mir schon zurückerstattet.

Greetings, dear customer.

We sincerely appreciate your pre-order purchase and appreciate your patience while we finished development, QC testing and product design. Your business, and your overall trust in our company to deliver a high quality product, truly means a great deal to us; to me, it is especially touching.

That being said, I'm afraid I must deliver some most unfortunate news: It pains me to announce that, due to the sudden and unavoidable loss of our manufacturing operations, we will be unable to complete the physical products which we promised to deliver before the end of 2019. Rest assured we will begin processing full refunds to everyone immediately. While I realize that you, and likely the vast majority of our pre-order customers, will be quite unsatisfied with a simple refund, preferring by far to receive the games we vowed to provide, I hope that you will accept our sincere and profound apology, understanding that this situation was absolutely beyond our control, leaving us with no alternatives.

When I founded Super Fighter Team in 2004, I made a promise to myself: If our company ever missed a product's officially announced release date, we will have failed as a publisher, shattering our customers' trust, and thus become unworthy to fulfill our obligations. For fifteen wonderful years in the business, we had never once missed a promised release date. However, as the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." Owing to our shameful inability to fulfill our duties this time, as a man of my word I must keep my promise. To this end, as of November 1st, 2019, Super Fighter Team has officially closed the publishing arm of our company. Our legacy as a reliable publisher has been forever tainted; we would not be able to continue knowing we let our customers down on this occasion.

While we intend to continue our efforts to develop high-quality game software, the production and publishing rights to any future commercial titles will be licensed or sold outright to other firms.

In closing, I would like to restate how much we appreciate your interest in, and support of our products. Many of you were dedicated to supporting us from our founding date, ordering most if not all of the games we released over the years. To those of you who own our past products, we truly hope you enjoyed them to the fullest. Throughout the years, my time at Super Fighter Team has given me the fantastic opportunity to connect with, and personally meet, many wonderful people from all over the world, creating fond memories that I cherish and will never forget. That, to me, was always more important than any sales figures.

Please find a way to forgive us, and me, even if this unfortunate incident has caused you to lose all faith in our company. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. But, sadly, the world we live in is far from perfect. And as an old friend once told me, years ago, "Everyone will disappoint you eventually." I just hoped it would never be us.


- Brandon Cobb
President and Founder
Super Fighter Team

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