Neues Update: Fotomodus (und bissl mehr) flat
Autor: HomiSite
Datum:16.10.19 20:07
Antwort auf:Control (ehemals "Project 7") von Remedy (PC, PS4, One) von Lynne


>At the end of the year, I’m happy to say that the Expeditions game mode will be rolling out to all players, on all platforms, for free! This is a challenging new game mode in which you need to complete different objectives within a time limit for powerful rewards.


– Photo Mode added. Accessible via Pause Menu
– Bug fixes, combat and overall gameplay improvements
– Improved title stability on all platforms
– Fixed various issues with text appearance on the screen
– Fixed multiple issues when incorrect or out of sync subtitles are showed for multiple languages
– Fixed issue in Side Mission 5 when Remus did not spawn in NSC Energy Converters. (We found him.)
– Fixed issue when Board Countermeasure: Kill enemies tracked kills incorrectly
– Fixed multiple issues when Jesse could get stuck in the geometry
– The game will no longer crash during the combat sequence in the Prime Candidate Program area

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