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Autor: HomiSite
Datum:14.09.19 18:21
Antwort auf:Patch auf PS4 draußen - Performance besser? von HomiSite

>[...] we're still nowhere near a locked 30 frames per second, especially on the base PlayStation 4, the console that has the most problems in smoothly rendering the game. However, just as Remedy says, the general level of performance via Patch 1.03 is higher than it was and when the frame-rate does drop hard, the game seems to recover more quickly. In short, the dips aren't quite as bad as they were and the hit doesn't last as long. [...]
> Isolating the hot spots in our prior testing, there's no doubt that the worst of the performance drops are mitigated - but by no means addressed completely. Frame-rate drops to the teens are still a thing, but similar to the Pro's readout, they're less pronounced and less sustained than they were on the day one code. The main issue with the standard PS4 version of Control right now is the overall sense that the level of polish isn't quite up to scratch: drops below the target 30fps are relatively commonplace compared to the Pro, while performance oddities like the map overlay causing a frame-rate hit are somewhat baffling.


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